The Bitter Badger Studio

My name is Ollie Gee. I am a gay, latina artist, who moonlights as a professional cat herder (it pays the bills). As an artist, I illustrate intangible emotion using figurative and anthropomorphic themes. I also draw comics.

My work explores the human condition, light and dark. It is a way for me to scrutinize various aspects of the social consciousness. To create a playful and innocuous veneer, I use bright hues in my watercolor pieces. Upon deeper examination of each piece, the disquieting and melancholy layers emerge. The black and white drawings are more straightforward, expressing fairly obvious metaphors. Of course, there are also pieces in the collection that represent the more cheerful side of humanity. It is important to look for humor and light in even the darkest corners of our universe.

The art I create is meant to share a story that many people also experience but do not necessarily know how to visualize or even vocalize. The goal is for each piece to provoke thought and stimulate conversation. Though I may have a recognizable concept as the original launching point for each piece, once I have completed a work, I believe that the continuation of the idea or story is through the viewer’s insight or intuition.

If you have any questions or would either like to purchase or commission a piece, please contact me at

You can also find photos and updates of my work on instagram.